From this section you´ll find a wide selection of kid´s outdoor clothes, jackets, overalls and trousers. When being outside, it´s most important thing to have clothes with high quality and comfort. It´s easy and fun to play when the clothes keep your child warm and dry. 

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Mainio - Skipper cap, Black (50209)
Mainio - Skipper cap, Denim (50208)
Mainio - Skipper cap, Brown (50206)
Mainio - Skipper cap, Taupe (50205)
Mainio - 5-panel cap, Black (50204)
Mainio - 5-panel cap, Denim (50203)
Mainio - 5-panel cap, Brown (50201)
Mini Rodini -  Panda jacket, Pink
Mainio - Balaclava, Nude
Mainio - Balaclava, Brown sugar
Mainio - Fisher beanie, Rusty red
Mainio - Fisher beanie, Nude
Mainio - Rib beanie, Deep sea
Mainio - Rib beanie, Rusty red
Mainio - Rib beanie, Nude
Mainio - Rib beanie, Brown sugar
Mini Rodini - Windbreaker, Blue
Mini Rodini - Windbreaker, Offwhite
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